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Manually teach your layout with the Handy Andy X

Teach Function



Manually teach your marking head to the location that you would like your text starting point on your part to be.


Click on your text in your marking layout. To highlight the entity.


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Addind Graphics into your Handy Andy X



Handy Andy X also allows you to add DXF graphics or logos to your marking layout,


You can input a graphic by selecting graphic from the ribbon or dragging it for the entity tool box.


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Creating a new Layout in Handy Andy X

Creating a New Layout


To create a new layout, you select the grid with a green plus sine in the top right corner of your program ribbon.







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Handy Andy Marking Round rod

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Handy Andy making inconsistant mark

Q: We have had Handy Andy Engraver for about 10 years and have never replaced anything on it. It seems to be inconsistent on engraving, we used to use a 1/8” spacer from the tip of the engraver to our… Continue reading

Handy Andy Com Port not being saved

Q: Is there a way to make the Handy Andy Professional software save the Com port after closing software and re-opening? It defaults to Com 3 at every start-up, which is not the port I am using, and I can… Continue reading

Handy Andy System Not Ready

Q: I have loaded the software on a Windows XP system. When I try to run the machine I get the error “system not ready”

A: If the drive for the USB does not properly load. This can be recognized… Continue reading

Handy Andy Software and Addons

Handy Andy Software Archive:

Handy Andy Handy Andy Professional : For X-Y systems built 6/2011 to present

Handy Andy Pro: HandyAndyProSetup 6.64 : For X-Y systems built 6/2011 and before

Handy Andy Fonts: hand_andy_fonts : Fonts for Handy Andy Marking… Continue reading

Handy Andy Serial counter not working

Q: We have a Handy Andy marking tool and I am having issues setting up the sequential numbering under the variable tab.

A: Page 18 in the manual covers the counter:

The counter process is interwoven into the software… Continue reading